Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Steve Jobs TED - OF COURSE:)

  I am not sure if you have heard this TED talk - actually I had to download it through YouTube since is was a flv file and not an mp4, but I originally listened to it in TED - Go figure - my hero - Steve Jobs:)!!!  He is giving the commencement speech at Stanford University - and the points he makes and the way he does it - powerful!!

   Now, the thing that I reminded myself about TED is although it might not teach "concepts" like Khan Academy does, the plethora of things you could do is limitless!!!  Having kids listen to "REAL" speakers about "REAL" issues and writing summaries of them, finding main ideas with supporting details, comparing and contrasting different views of the same topic - the list goes on:)!!  Plus, the fact that it's nonfiction helps with SO many Minnesota Standards - LOVE IT:)!!
    Again - this is a POWERFUL speech!  I hope that you enjoy it - over 16 million already have heard it;)

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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