Monday, February 25, 2013


Look at this picture:
     THIS IS NOT STAGED!  I repeat THIS IS NOT STAGED!  One of our English teachers, Mrs. Gross, came into her dining room to find this;)!!  Her daughter, Kennedy had opened up a TED talk - yes indeed - she was watching "How Movies Teach Manhood." WHAT A HOOT:)!!!!!  Obviously, even this 4-year old gets the importance of a good TED talk:)!!
   I think that TED talks are amazing!  The concept of "Ideas Worth Speading," is so true.  Currently there are over 1,400 talks about a variety of topics from classroom teaching, to sciences, to motivational speakers. 
    Simon Sinek spoke at TIES 2012.  He is the author of "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action."  He was SO great, but his TED talk about leadership was even greater!!  Over 9 million people have watched it - take a peek:)!!

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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