Friday, February 1, 2013

More Great Things From TIES 2012....

   I have mentioned before how FABULOUS TIES always is!!  If you have NEVER been there - YOU NEED TO!  The plethora of topics covered from iPads, to BYOD, to Websites, to Managements, to Internet...I could go on and on - there really IS something for everyone all the days the conference is going on! 
   I have also mentioned how much I enjoy Ryan Cox.  He is the new tech coordinator in Becker, and he is AMAZING! Not only does he have the background and brains, but he is SO passionate about what he does and how he does it.  I was able to attend a session of his on digital textbooks, and the site that I LOVE is called dot ePub!  This site lets you turn ANY website into an ebook that you can open in iBooks - LOVE IT:)!!!  ANY ANY ANY website that you find that you want to keep or highlight information for - you can go to Dot ePub and get the downloader and it will convert any website into a book in iBooks - SO COOL:)!!!
    Check it out - I have played with it and see such ENDLESS possibilities - one being that students that DO NOT have WiFi at home can now download the website as an iBook and still be able to read it without the Internet.  (WE also have a great app called Readability that does this, too)!

Happy Friday - YIKES my car registered at -21 this morning - STAY WARM ALL,
Mrs. I:)

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