Friday, February 8, 2013

Starting Points for Digital Textbooks -

   I have compiled a list of all the resources that I have so far regarding Digital Textbooks, free and open sources, and other ares to use as starting points.  Here are the tough questions to ask yourself and your school district:

1.  Does your current curriculum have online resources or CDs AVAILABLE to you without additional costs - PDF files that may be able to be imported into a text or downloaded in Dropbox for kids to use - or other sources? 
2. Is there a book already created for you on CK-12 or another one of the sites listed in this document below that you can use or edit for your district's needs
3. Is your district willing to pay teacher well to create these - each of the three districts mentioned that 150-175 hours were clocked (some more) and that was only for about a semester's worth of a text?
4. What staff members are WILLING and WANTING to be a part of this?
5. Are there area schools that can work together to get this done - split up curriculum, ect?
6. What about years to follow - editing purposes, but also adding on to what's created?

   These are just some things that have flowed in my mind these last few weeks - a LOT to think about - and I truly believe that finding the right people to start this of is KEY!!  However - there are also curriculum cycles that have to be looked at - so hopefully the areas up for review have people that are willing to be a part, too:)!!

Here is the link to use as a starting point to gathering information and resources - I will add more to as I find and hear about other ones:

Happy Friday,
Mrs. I:)

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