Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iPad Collection - 68 & Counting!

  Well, last week was an interesting week to say the least - long story short - students found out the Staff network password and were connecting to it in order to use other sites that were blocked on the Student network.  The password was changed so students couldn't do this.  I sent out an email reminding students that are to use their iPads and emails for "school" use and that anything else, if caught, would result in the loss of their iPads.  However, some found out the new password, and before we knew it MANY students had jumped on the Staff network once again so they were able to do things like Craig's List, Pinterest, Pandora, etc... THEREFORE - Casey printed out a sheet that listed EVERY student iPad that had been on the network.  All I had to do was go into configurator and find out the serial number of the iPad.  Mrs. Olson and myself looked through grade level cards that have each student name and serial number of his/her iPad on it and came up with 68 students that lost their iPads.  Oh yes - here are the piles:

    Students have two options - they can either lose their iPads for two weeks, or serve two hours of detention.  Once the time is up, they will once again get their iPads back.  Therefore, the password has been changed ONE More time, and may have to go to a daily password - I hope not - but nonetheless, students know we can actually TRACK who has been on what network when.
    I think this has been one of the toughest things - not knowing what kids will do - and how to set consequences accordingly.  Next year will be much easier in this category - heck in ALL categories - since we have lived through it once:)!
    It was pretty funny this morning - two students came in and gave me their iPads.  I asked why - and they said that before you call me down - I was on the Staff network - so you can just take it:):) - LOVE THE HONESTY OF MOST KIDS:)!!!

Happy Tuesday - and Happy SNOW,
Mrs. I:)

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