Monday, January 27, 2014

Apple TV - WAY. TO. GO!!!

    When we got the iPads two years ago - we decided to try and save some money and buy Air Server which projects the iPad wirelessly via your computer that is hooked up to a projector.  At only $15 per license, we thought this was it, or definitely worth trying!  In the beginning it seemed to work ok - kicking us out occasionally, but not too bad.  Over time, though, it seems to just not work more and more. I have tried it in other districts, too, and it does the same thing - which is good as we know it's not network related.  It's just REALLY frustrating for the teachers - so we need to go another direction.   After fighting with it and having it sometimes work and other times not - we are going to maybe get some Apple Tvs!  We used it a few times this past week and it worked FLAWLESS!!!   We also tried it at the busiest times of the day as far as network goes - and worked PERFECTLY!!!  So we will see what happens.  They are more expensive at $100 a pop - but I think that those teachers that really want to take advantage of this amazing airplay ability should get one.

Here it is - the magic black box:

     You simply plug this bugger into your projector via the HDMI cable and you're good to good.  On the iPad you swipe up - click on AirPlay and choose Apple TV and turn mirroring on - the iPad projects - YES:)!!
   The other thing is that Casey has replaced almost all projectors now - and they all have HDMI.  Which is PERFECT as we won't need to buy the $80 converter cable - which we would have had to had we bought Apple TVs two years ago - so that in itself is a great savings for us! 
     I am going to see if a teacher wants to try it for a little while and then monitor how it goes for like a week and see if it's working - if so we will slowly add these in.

Happy Snow Day - well 2 hour late snow day for us -
Mrs. I:)

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