Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TIES Day 2 - Session 2 - SO GREAT:)!!!

My last session at TIES was a presentation called "Leverage the iPad to Enhance Your Teaching."  Benjamin Friesen was the presenter, and he is a science teacher and digital content specialist for Hopkins Public Schools.  He showed us various things that he uses in his classroom, along with other ideas to help enhance student learning.  Benjamin actually created a cheat sheet called workflows where it shows students and teachers how to upload homework, open documents into various apps, etc.. BRILLIANT:)!!  That way, the teachers aren't having to always teach the students how to do things.  They can scan the QR code tied with it and have step by step directions - SUPER GREAT idea!! 

The other BIG 3 that I took from this session:

1.  The Padlet website - I think I have already blogged about this - but SO amazing and SO easy to use.  It's like a HUGE poster board that everyone has on their iPad and can contribute to - great way to brainstorm or get valuable information from kids through collaboration!

2. Haiku Deck is also an AMAZING website that has an app to compliment it - where you create presentations BUT it only allows you SO MANY WORDS per slide - so it forces the kids to NOT READ what they have written down - they can't as there's not room - A GEM!!  CHECK. IT. OUT!!

3. Side by Side App - FREE!  This app allows you to have two websites open at a time.  I know that I have talked about the Sling Note app, where you can have a website open and a drawing pad, but this free app is only for websites - still SO valuable - and NO COST!!

Just a few more for you to try out - OH SO GOOD AGAIN!  I always think that maybe I shouldn't go to TIES some year and let someone else go instead?  NO. WAY.  There are SO many AMAZING and OUTSTANDING people doing AMAZING and OUTSTANDING things, that I HAVE to go see and continue to learn!!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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