Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unexplained PARTIAL Fix?????

   Ever since we updated to iOS 7, I have been complaining about many things - the biggest being the fact that Configurator doesn't accurately show which apps are on the iPads as I hook them up.  PARTIAL fix - if I double check apps - and make sure all the apps that students SHOULD have are all checked BEFORE I apply the settings, then everything seems to be "normal" and nothing is deleted - weird!!  I have NO idea why I tried this, but I did, and it has worked so far!  The biggest app that we have had a problem with deleting things of course is Notability because this is where the students store EVERYTHING!!  Notes, pictures, projects, etc... so it's REALLY REALLY bad when this app gets deleted from a student iPad.  For whatever reason, I made sure that it was "checked," and when I applied it all worked out - THANK YOU:)!!  Gotta LOVE dumb luck like that, huh??
   BiGgEsT frustration with changing jobs and leaving the classroom is the lack of explanation for things!  I. HATE. THAT!  I want to know WHY things work and WHY things don't - and unfortunately that is not the case ever for me!  They either work or they don't and half the time I can't explain why or why is does or doesn't - YIKES!!  Maybe someday I won't care so much about the "why" and just accept the "is."  I doubt it, though!

Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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