Friday, January 3, 2014

TIES Day 2:) - Session 1

Here are the sessions that I attended Day 2 - my mind was SO SO fried so my notes are CLEARLY not what they should be, and I tended to not write as much as I downloaded the information directly from their presentations:).
  The first one I attended was presented by Pete Markham who is an Apple representative - My DReAM job, right:)!!  His session was titled, "Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most our of Your Mac and iPad."  Perfect session, yes!  Finally all the things that I wanted to know and learn about - and here are some highlights:

1. WHO doesn't want shortcuts!!  Many Windows users really struggle using the Mac - so here is a link to OS X Shortcuts for the Mac - LOVE IT:)!!

2. We have all struggled with iOS 7 and the updates that it has had.  Ok maybe not all of us - but I sure have!  Here are some of Tricks all new iOS 7 Users  should know:)

3. Here is ANYTHING else you might be interested in  - it is his Delicious Site: there are many things here - as you could look for days:)!!

I will write about Session 2 this weekend - as it was SO SO GOOD:)!  AND we don't have school Monday - heck the WHOLE state doesn't because of Governor Dayton - THANK YOU:)!

Happy Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

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