Friday, January 31, 2014

Big Ol' Pile of iPads;) AND the Good Ol' Floppy;)

   We have been in the process of trying to put together a scope and sequence for Technology for both buildings.  It has been a VERY difficult process as there aren't many out there to follow - and the ones that are, of course, don't meet our needs with the 1:1 in place.  SO SO what to do?  We are starting to compile some things and then Casey remember, "Hey, Mr. Nelson, a former 2nd grade teacher, has this stuffed saved."  Here is what he pulls out:
REMEMBER THESE??  My first thought - do we even HAVE anything that will work with these?  Casey sent me to a computer in the library - and SURE ENOUGH we DID have one that still has a slot for these:)!  However - the info that we needed wasn't on there - UGH!!  BACK. TO. THE. DRAWING. BOARD.  If ANYONE out there has a great one - please let me know:)

   On a second note, I had a high school student go to the elementary to grab some iPads for me and bring them back.  This is what I see when I look out my office window:

  Again, my first thought was TAKE A PICTURE so I have PROOF of this and the fact that he actually DID this - and second thought, PLEASE stack them in two piles - LOVE:)!!

Happy Weekend to everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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