Friday, January 10, 2014

Decision is MADE!

  We have been going back and forth as to whether or not we should totally wipe ALL iPads this spring and do the same to Apple Configurator - well - we ARE going to do this!  After having the iPads now for two years, we really feel that the students probably have so many things on there that they no longer need.  They can throw things the MUST have into Dropbox, and thus save it forever if they want to.
   Apple Configurator has also been a STINKER to say the least!  Teachers are going to go through their app lists and CUT. CUT. CUT. apps that they don't use.  Again, after two years of use, the teachers now know which apps they REALLY use and which ones they just wanted to try.  The only REAL bummer is that those apps that some of them LOVE that we got on Apps Gone Free are now going to be gone.  However, if it's one they feel is valuable, it will be worth paying for. 
   I am not going to lie - I am A LOT nervous for this ENTIRE process.  The idea of wiping everything really FREAKS. ME. OUT!  However - we DO have Time Capsule - so we will back all up in case we want to go back.  Ever since the update, Apple Configurator just has not been working correctly- so something has to be done.  AND - I am going with my gut and what Apple is suggesting - PLEASE. DON'T. FAIL. ME. APPLE!  We will see what happens!
   On another note - I'm playing basketball today against the seniors for SnowBall week - GOOD GRIEF!  Apparently they need females (although I am the only one), and I am 39 years old and a RUNNER not a BB PLAYER - YIKES!!  Good thing no iPads will be there for proof of this!  At least I'll be able to run back and forth - sigh!

Happy Friday and Weekend,
Mrs. I:)

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