Monday, May 6, 2013

Apps Gone Free **Side note**

  Ok - there were two that I found that looked pretty neat:

1. Patterns Match Basic - is an app that has kids working on patterns and matching them.  They are given a pattern and then they have to figure out what the next one might be.  They are given six difficulty levels per bucket and narration.  Normally $1.99 but free today!

2. Color Tower - build towers in this puzzle game.  It requires you to stack colored blocks in order to get your tower to match the blueprint tower.  There are 20 different towers to complete and the clock is ticking so you must try and do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Normally $.99 but free today!

**I WILL continue to post about which apps I feel are beneficial in Apps Gone Free - but we have gone TOTALLY APP HAPPY here!  Therefore, I will ONLY post those that I have downloaded, played with and can REALLY see a benefit to~**  The problem is that just about every other day you find ANOTHER app that you LOVE LOVE LOVE - however - there is ONLY so much space on the student iPads, so if there's one you DO want - I also have to ask which one are you willing to get RID of?**

Happy Day -
Mrs. I:)

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