Wednesday, May 15, 2013


   Well - this is day 2 of collection of iPads and cleaning them - going GREAT:)!!  We have encountered pretty much ZERO problems so far - YAHOO:)!!!   We have also had an AMAZING group of kids helping us clean which has been SO great.  Here is what we are doing :

1.  Hooking up iPads to Apple Configurator to remove this year's apps and take profiles off
2.  Cleaning the outside of the case with a tough wipe (I posted the picture earlier)
3.  If they are REALLY dirty we are ripping them apart and cleaning the inside case, too
4. Wiping the top screen with a windex spray to wipe away the film left from the wipes
5. Storing in computer lab for the summer as this is air conditioned
(We will put apps for next year on in August as that is when I can buy the apps from next year's budget)

THAT'S IT FOLKS!!  They are looking really great!  Also - we have collected cords, and that, too, is going great.  Each grade level has a box/basket to put them in and we will keep them that way until the fall!

I will post some pictures tomorrow of the assembly line - going really well!
Happy Day
Mrs. I:)

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