Monday, May 6, 2013

Closing the Year Up

  I might have already posted this - but we are planning on taking the elementary iPads (grades K-6) the Thursday before the last week of school and then the senior iPads that Friday.  Starting on Monday then, we will bring in sections/classrooms of 7-11th graders into the library to clean their own cases and check iPads in.  We have ordered durable disinfecting wipes to do this: 

These work PERFECT and are strong enough for the students to wipe down quite roughly and clean them really good! If needed, they will also take the case off and wipe down the inside with a dry screen cloth.  We are reminding them that they WILL get the same case and iPad next year, so the better they clean it, the better it will be in the fall.  They will then assemble the case, label their chargers with the same colored dot on their stands that represents their individual grade and then check it back into the library.  We are planning 25-30 minutes per group - but I am going to do a run through today with some seniors that come in.  Hopefully this will work as efficiently as we think.  We aren't like Minnetonka, where they have someone hired all summer to do tasks like this - I strictly get 10 additional days - and I came in 5 days earlier in the fall - so I have 5 days at the end here (which we plan to remove this year's apps off during this time:)
  Hopefully this will work - if not, we will adjust accordingly.  Also - I believe that we MIGHT be doing another roll out session next fall; but this time teach parents Schoology and how to create accounts.  I am not exactly sure of ALL details - but that will be in the talkings in the next three weeks, too!  We for sure will have to meet with Kindergarten parents again - as they will be the only new ones that have NOT had an iPad yet.  
   Teachers have ALL apps submitted, and I am almost done compiling lists for NEXT fall - YAHOO:)!!  Has been a little tedious - but not bad!  Hopefully I am counting and figuring accurately - that is always my greatest fear!

Happy Monday Everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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