Tuesday, May 21, 2013


  Yahoo!  We are now all finished with collection of iPads per grade level.  We have a few stragglers, but will catch up with them in the next day or two.  I have removed the profiles and this year's apps that they won't need next year - just hooked up my second to last batch;)!!
   To give you a better idea of what we did - here are some pictures of the steps taken - first students took their iPads and cleaned them inside and out - they used a wet wipe for the case and back of the iPad case - then they used a window cleaning solution for the iPad itself and the front of the iPad case to remove the film:

 Next students waited in line to check them in with Mrs. Olson.  They found their individual card with their name, serial number, and destiny system info to check them in.  They also had to have their chargers with them - if not their name was written down until they either returned it, or paid $25 to replace it.  They also WILL NOT get their iPad next fall if they haven't taken care of this.

 Finally, Casey and I were on the side removing our "b profile."  This is the profile that removes the App Store and iTunes from the iPads.  Once we take if off, they are back on the iPads and it makes for a much smoother transition when they are hooked back up to Apple Configurator!

 All in all - it has gone SUPER GREAT:)!  We only have about 12 total iPads that have NOT been turned in because of kids being absent - we will snag them tomorrow:)!

Happy Day everyone -
Mrs. I:)

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