Friday, May 10, 2013

Collection Dates......Do You Tell?

   I have sent out an email to all students regarding their iPads, and telling them that we will be collecting them within the next few weeks.  I haven't, however, given them an EXACT date as to when this will take place.  The worry of course is that if you tell them TOO soon, will they do what they're supposed to (in that they upload things to Dropbox for saving, ect..), but then try to keep them?  Or, will they truly be just fine and bring them all back when they are supposed to?  I think that I will send out an email tonight about saving again, and then give them a tentative schedule - for purpose of saving and all so those that would panic won't feel rushed!  I will have also informed staff so they have a week to prepare for the last week - without iPads - we'll see;)!!  Not sure all will be happy about that - which makes ME happy:_) as they have become really dependent on them - but we also have to allow ourselves time to collect those that might not bring them the first time - chargers especially!

Happy Day -
Mrs. I:)

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