Friday, May 24, 2013

This Much I Know:)!

Here are some "random" thoughts that I know to be true:

1. This year was a HUGE success as far as MOVE 21 and our iPad initiative
2. The teachers in Barnesville are AMAZING and have done some AMAZING things
3.  Summer will be summer, but I KNOW that there will be SO many things created, learned and worked on by all of us
4. Next fall will be 500% better - we have a year under our belts, we know how to handle situations that arise, teachers and students know what to expect, etc... CAN NOT WAIT (well I can:)
5. The journey was NOT always an easy one - but with hard work, positive attitudes and diligence, we were able to become a "TRUE" example for others to follow in their pursuit
6. We have learned and created connections with surrounding teachers, districts and colleagues along the way that will continue to be a support system for us!
7.  We DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!!  We will continue to learn more and more each and every day, month, and year - can we EVER know it all??
8. There are SO many resources out there for ANYTHING that you would need - I always tell the teachers "GOOGLE IT" as you will find the answer to anything you would possibly want to learn how to do - honestly - when they come to me with a problem - that's the #1 thing I do if I don't know the answer
9. PLAY PLAY PLAY - the more hands on you are with ANY technology the better you become at it!

Happy Summer - I will sporadically update this - like weekly I will try - and of course any time I find things that you MUST know I will jump on and give a hollar!  Enjoy your summer and relax with family and friends!
Mrs. I:)

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