Wednesday, May 1, 2013


   I found this today on Edudemic and thought is VERY appropriate and worth sharing.  I think more often than not, I feel like the "bad guy" as I am trying to find ways for teachers and others to use the iPads.  However - in NO way shape of form do I want to tell teachers WHAT to teach and HOW to teach it - that's not my job.  Nor would I have wanted anyone telling me what to do when I was in the classroom.  I think that we have to remember that this iPad that we all have is a LEARNING TOOL - and should NEVER replace the teacher or what the teacher's role is!  I found this and it is PERFECTLY EXACTLY how I feel - Which do you prefer???

  And so the journey continues - and WILL continue next year and the years to follow - and we have to be willing to change and make the necessary changes that our students deserve - the learning that comes with it has to happen and we have to be a part of it!  It's no different that teaching kids how to read or do math - the digital world is going NO WHERE and we have to prepare the kids for it!  With that said, we have to remember that it IS a tool - a powerful tool that has amazing things and offers exceptional opportunities for our students!

Happy Wednesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

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