Monday, May 13, 2013

Quizlet.....CHECK IT OUT!!

    I want to talk a little about the website Quizlet.  This website is AMAZING!!!  I have one teacher FOR SURE that uses it a TON - and a few others that might have dabbled with it a little.  AMAZING!  Great way to quick check kids on various topics - SO many are created already for you - and you can create your own easily!  Once you create an account and log in - all you do is add members to your class with the given link and students are joined to that class.  You can then have them work on practice flashcards, works, etc.. and they can quiz afterwards.  LOVE IT!!  It really is worth the peek at it - works with iPads, too:)!!  Here is a screen shot of it:
After you choose a content area, you would then see a screen like this:

Again - there are SO many quizzes already created in there for you to use - the students just have to put in the particular link/number associated with it - and they can take it - or they can also go and study with flashcards and other things to help them learn!

Check this one out - Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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