Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kids going CRAZY over my Cords:)

   Everytime that a new student comes to Barnesville, I have to give up my white cords from Configurator to give the new student their charger and cord - therefore I lose some that I can use for hooking up iPads and making adjustments as needed.  So I ordered THESE:)!!!

The problem now, is that the kids keep asking if they can have one as they are SUPER COOL!  I IMMEDIATELY tell them NO - that the pretty colored cords are MINE!!  

    In all actuality I SHOULD have done this from the beginning.  The students would then know that the cords are mine for Configurator and I wouldn't always be stressed that I don't have enough cords to hook iPads up with.  I bought them on Amazon - like 10 for $10 AND I got the chargers, too.  However, they don't work with the iPads as they are the smaller plugs!

Happy Day until Apps Gone Free - I put just ONE in yesterday called SoundyThingie as Mrs. Gylland at the elementary school wanted it:)
Mrs. I:)   

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