Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nothing today.....but...

  I didn't find anything that was worth putting in today from Apps Gone Free.  That doesn't mean that some might not have looked neat - a GREAT Transformers game for my boys:) - but nothing that I feel would be beneficial for us!
  Yesterday I finished up buying all the apps to offset grade levels and numbers so each grade should be good to go for next year with the apps that they currently have - paid and free.  Teachers have submitted their app requests for next fall, and we are under that $4000 mark - so YAHOO:)!!!  We might be good to go.  I bought Notability for ALL students in grades 3-12 = SO WORTH IT!  The things that it can do and the things that Type on PDF free CAN'T do - so that's great!  Also - for the elementary school - I think we are going to go with an app called Explain Everything for K-5 AMAZING!!!  It does ALL the things that Educreation and ShowMe! can't - again WORTH the $2.99 and it DOES fall under volume purchasing. 
  Once all this is figured out - I will TOTALLY update all our app lists that I have on the right hand side of the blog.  Also - there were apps that teachers took OFF their lists - so that was good to see!

Happy Wednesday all
Mrs. I:)

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