Thursday, May 16, 2013

What We're Looking Like:)

  Here are a few pictures I snapped to show you what things are looking like here in Barnesville as far as collection is going. 

Mrs. Olson, our librarian, with some kids working on cleaning them up!
If the iPads got TOO bad - we ripped them apart and cleaned inside and out:
    When we were all done with them - we laid them out for them to be wiped on the outside screen with Windex.  There was a slight film left from the disinfecting wipes, so this took care of it!

    Tomorrow I will post some more pictures of the kids actually ripping apart and cleaning their own iPads - should be fun:)!!  Mrs. Olson is also keeping track of which students don't turn in their chargers.  We will then be able to cross check when they are all done.

Happy night,
Mrs. I:)

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