Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Check it out.....

   Here are a few new apps that I have been looking at  - some I have found via other websites, some I have found through dumb luck.  I haven't looked through and through them or even played with them a TON - but they get great reviews and seem to look REALLY great:)!!

    The first one is Ask3: This app is a collaborative Educreations.  You can send stuff to your students - they can collaborate and you can share things as a class together.  I have done VERY little with this one - but it looks SUPER cool:)!!! FREE - check it out:)!!
    The second one is Letter Press: this is a word building app that gives you a block of letters that you have to create words with.  You play against a competitor at random and then you try to use letters they have used and you start to block out letters that they can no longer use.  A fun one also!
     The third one I found is GeoMaster Lite:  This FREE version lets you recognize and identify the states. There is also a paid version that allows practice with countries.  It's another one that is great practice for states.
Again - I have NOT done a TON with either of these three - but they look great and MacWorld and other sites gave them "Gem" app awards:)!

Apple Configurator is working great today:-) - WHAT WAS I THINKING in doing the updates of the apps in iTunes????  THAT is the time factor - of well - live and learn:)!

Happy Wednesday
Mrs. I:)

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