Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stressful day again......

   So today we brought Apple Configurator over to the elementary to start with the updating of apps over there.  I thought it's going to go smoothly - boy was I WRONG:(!!!  I started around 10am and by 7:45pm I had finished with 26 iPads!!:(:(:(  Once I hooked up the iPads I had to remove all apps - which is fine - and then reinstall them!  However - one of the apps was bad, so I thought I will just cross check with the list and see what are fifth grade specific apps and then narrow it down - WRONG AGAIN:(!!!  So after adding apps back 5 at a time, and then narrowing it down - I found the app - of course in the Ts!!  A tangram app that hasn't been working great anyway, but I was able to download it over at the high school just a day ago - STRANGE!!
   Oh well, figured out - so maybe I will be able to get done with fifth grade AND fourth grade tomorrow now - a girl can wish, right???

Happy Wednesday Night,
Mrs. I:)

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