Monday, January 28, 2013

Updates are DONE:)!

   Well, last Friday I officially unhooked Apple Configurator at the elementary school and moved back to the high school - DONE:)!!!  Excited that it's over - but also excited that teachers were able to get a few more things that will help them for the second half of the year!!
    I am now going to jump back and start creating a digital textbook - any takers as to what I should start making??  I am actually thinking that I will start an English one since that is the one area that really seems to be lacking for free information and books already out there to use.
    However - I AM SUPER exited to start working with Mrs. Peterson on a resource type of book that she wants to make with videos from Kahn Academy.  YAHOO:)!
    I will post some GREAT websites that I saw at TIES regarding free resources that are available specifically in the ares of Social Studies and Math!:)

Happy Monday,
Mrs. I:)

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