Monday, January 21, 2013

Elementary Updating - Day 4

   Well, since today the kids aren't here, things seem to be rolling MUCH faster with the downloads - that's great;)!!  I have now completed 5th, 4th, half of 3rd, and 1st.  I will grab the rest of 3rd on Monday and try to get 2nd grade done.  Which means all I'd have left would be Kindergarten!  Some of the younger ones didn't have the updates done, so that took a little time - but moving MUCH faster since I am able to remove a profile BEFORE hooking up and then I don't have to uninstall all and install all again - HUGE TIME SAVER:)!!
   I have also had a tough time tracking app lists - ADVICE - tell your teachers to alphabetize their app lists - everything that comes into configurator is done alphabetically - therefore if the lists are this way already - then you won't have to retype them all yourselves:)!!  Hopefully I haven't missed anything - cross checking a TON:)!!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Mrs. I:)

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  1. You are doing your best! The teachers know this and appreciate your hard work!