Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Updating Day - lost track:)

   Today wasn't officially an "update" day for me as I had a workshop for part of the day,  but I did catch a few stragglers when I returned of students that were gone when I did grade levels.  WOW - it's amazing how FAST it goes when I only have 4-5 iPads hooked up to Configurator versus 26.  Zipped right through those buggers:)!! 
   Tomorrow I will finish 2nd grade and if time allows jump into the last two sections of Kindergarten.  I will then finish Kindergarten up on Friday and the elementary school will be done!  YAHOO!!!  Next year we will have to FOR SURE reevaluate whether or not we do this again!
   I will also be posting this weekend the updated lists of apps.  I will finish compiling the grade level and content area apps and then repost them on the blog.
   That's it for today - I DO have a new favorite app - which I will post about tomorrow!!  APP CRAZY I am - I KNOW - but that's the COOL part with the iPad; the plethora of apps for teaching!

Happy Wednesday everyone - stay warm
Mrs. I:)

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