Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 2 at Elementary -

  Well so far so good - all apps came off and all installing back on!  After this batch I will have fifth grade done and hopefully get fourth done today, too - we will see!  Here is the set up that I have going on in the elementary school:

 We chained some D-Link boxes together so we are able to do 26 (and we can add more) iPads at a time.  This process is already slow - so we stuck with just that amount in case problems arise!
 The Mac mini that we use to store EVERYTHING on!  We have backed up everything to Time Capsule so if we would lose anything we have it all there:)!!  A MUST!!!

I would really recommend the use of a Mac mini, too!  WAY PORTABLE!! WAY COMPACT - all you have to do is connect a keyboard and video monitor and you're ready to go:)!!

Happy Thursday,
Mrs. I:)

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