Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Updates - Day 2...

   Well, today seems to be running a little bit smoother than yesterday as more kids were responsible and did the update like they were asked - YAHOO:)!  Still taking a while as there were more than 245 apps to update - and only doing 20 or so at a time to accommodate this.  Next year, we might need to rethink the whole updating and adding apps during the year.  Discussion to be had for the future indeed.....:)  It's now 12:24 and only done with about half the sophomores - that means that will start with 9th grade tomorrow and maybe get through 8th grade - will see I guess - it DOES get easier with the younger grades as they don't have elective classes to mess with!  Hopefully by the beginning of next week will be at the elementary school doing the same thing to update those!
Happy day everyone,
Mrs. I:-)

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