Friday, January 11, 2013

Updates Continue.......

   The last few days have been PRETTY seamless regarding the updating of iPads.  I DO feel bad - as for SOME reason - when I hook the iPads up - they lose EVERYTHING in the app Type on PDF.  I am unsure why - but I think has something to do with the updating that I did while talking with Apple - they are SO smart, but SO not knowing sometimes - frustrating part indeed.  The students have been for the most part, doing an amazing job throwing all their files into Dropbox or emailing them to themselves, but I have had a few that didn't do this.  They come into the library with that lost puppy look as to why they don't have their PDF files.  I reminded them of the emails that I sent out, and the reminder that Mrs. Olson sent out regarding backing up.  They then walk out with their tail between their legs - I feel bad - but these students didn't do what they were supposed to do.  I try to help them the best I can - but if they don't actually DO what is asked, there's nothing I can do as Type on PDF wipes ALL!:( 
   Today I will take the 9th graders, which means 7-12 will then be done.  Monday I will start fresh with the 6th graders and continue to work my way down through the week.  Hopefully today goes great and next week smooth as well!

Happy Friday -
Mrs. I:)

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