Thursday, January 17, 2013

Checklist for younger kids......

  I CAN NOT for the life of me remember where I found this - SO SORRY!!  I DID NOT come up with this idea - but I think it's a GREAT idea!  Create a spreadsheet or document with boxes to check, then as kids finish this task on their iPads, they check it off.  Everyone loves to be able to cross things off their lists - why not the kids, too.  OR better yet - I was brainstorming with Mrs. Grabow, a Kindergarten teacher, and what if after each box you list an app that you want students to work on at home.  This sheet can go right with the students each night with their iPads, and then parents know whatever app has a check mark in the box is the one they are supposed to work on for the night. 
   This is a work in process right now - so once we figure it out, I will post what Kindergarten decided on~!

OH the brains are working today:)
Mrs. I:)

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