Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sling Note App - SO COOL!!

  Alright - here's the new app that I LOVE LOVE LOVE:)!!!  It's called Sling Note and it allows you to have side by side screens - I know - SO GREAT!

   On one side of the screen it gives you either a web browser or a calculator, and the other side of the screen you can have another web browser or a notepad.  I am thinking Math teachers - WATCH OUT - you're going to WANT WANT WANT this one;)!!  The BEST part - is that you can cut out sections of the web browser and just move them into the notebook section.  If students need to go online for information, and they need to copy and paste things from the Internet, or better yet, notes or things from a teacher's blog or website - they can simply click and drag them from one side to the other.
    If a student needs to do math work - they can have a calculator up on one side and then show and do their math work on the other side - AWESOME:)!!  I REALLY think, Mr. Hermes, Ms. Brown, and Mrs. Peterson are going to LOVE it:)!!
   You are also able to upload and share the work that is completed.  It DOES cost money - this one is $2.99 - and I have checked in volume purchasing - and it DOES qualify - so if you buy 20 or more it's only $1.49 - a bargain:)!!

Happy Tuesday
Mrs. I:)

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