Monday, January 7, 2013

Updating iPads - Day 1

  Well, Casey and I started with the seniors today in hooking up iPads, doing updates, and adding the ones that teachers requested - WHAT A NIGHTMARE:(!!!  We started at 9am and we were done with 12th grade at 1:07 - YIKES!  At this rate - we will be doing this until March:)!! Seriously - we had 243 updates of apps, so that alone took a TON of time to configure on the iPads.  Apple Configurator worked FLAWLESS - really - YAHOO:)!  So this was indeed a PLUS as this has been the death of me the last month or so - realistically if we can make it through this year - do ALL updates on EVERYTHING this summer - SMOOTH sailing next fall -
   Tomorrow we will start with the rest of the juniors and hopefully get done with the sophomores and the freshmen classes - FINGERS CROSSED:)! 
    TIME TIME TIME - where did it go today?  Super fast and seemed to accomplish almost nothing - days like this drive me CRAZY!!!!  I am hoping for a better and faster paced work day tomorrow with this process and accomplishing MUCH MUCH MORE!:-)

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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