Monday, January 14, 2013


   I thought I might post how I organize all the index cards that we put with the iPads.  I bought these cute little boxes at Target last year thinking that I would use them in my classroom.  Since I'm obviously not in there right now, I thought we could use them to store each grade level's index cards. 
   I then bought a drying rack for dishes to simple put them in there - with easy assess as this sits under the counter in the library.  Whenever I need to pull a card - I find the grade level box, find the card - which have all been alphabetized, and there it is!  No filing system, and this has ALL of them included - works pretty slick!
   Each card contains the serial number of the iPad, the Desiny Number for checking it in and out of our library, and we wrote the student's name on the back of each card. 
    That way at the end of the year - we can simply transfer the cards to the next year's box and have all things ready to go right away! 
     This really is a SUPER easy way to track all the iPads, have immediate access to student serial numbers and find any information that we might need.
Happy Monday,
Mrs. I;)

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