Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Careless?

   Well, our eighteenth and nineteenth iPads came in today with cracked screens:(!!!  Both seemed to be because of student "carelessness!"  One was stepped on, the other sat on - ugh!!  Ironically enough, I sent out an email JUST last week reminding kids to PLEASE remember that the end of the year is near, but that means you STILL must take care of your iPads, not leaving them laying around and such - apparently it wasn't read:(!!
    So, that brings us to a grand total of 19 iPads with cracked screens - actually not bad for the entire year, however - we only have 4 total cracked back in December, so obviously the kids have become a little complacent!!  Hopefully we will be able to close out the year with no more:)!!
    We talked this morning in our administrative meeting about iPad collection.  I think I had mentioned before that we will be collecting K-5 iPads the Thursday BEFORE the last week of school - that way we can get a jump start and hopefully get those cleaned and such before the high school.  Monday we will collect the senior iPads, and then follow suit from there - with the LAST potential date of collection being the Thursday before we are out!  We are also going to have students clean their OWN iPads in grades 6-12!  Casey and I will take each grade level for about 30 minutes to walk them through it - have some wipes on hand for the outside case - cloths for the inside - and then they can assemble them again!  That is a HUGE TIME SAVER - THANK YOU MR. LOESLIE:)!!!  That way, Casey and I will only have to worry about the apps and configuration for the remainder of the summer - thankful for that!
    Our teacher app lists are due April 26, so that will be nice as I can start adding those into configurator that are needed, and taking those out that aren't!

Happy Day - I post again once Apps Gone Free comes out
Mrs. I:)

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