Monday, April 15, 2013

Nothing some fixed, though:)!

   There weren't any apps today from Apps Gone Free that I put into Configurator!  There were a few photography ones that looked kind of neat, but I am not sure how many is too many; the burning question for all I think. 
   GOOD NEW:)!!  Casey fixed his FIRST screen - YAHOO FOR US:)!!!  At a mere $70 for total cost  I think we might be going this direction instead!  Besides, when you bring it to someone OTHER than Apple, you lose warranty anyways - so why not try to do some yourself!  Casey found a great site called iFixit.  All you need to do is pick iPad 2 (or whatever it is you are trying to fix), and it gives you step by step directions on how to fix it and what parts you will need!  Pretty neat!  I of course have REFUSED to learn how to do this - Casey is the man:)!!!
    Below are some pictures of what the inside of the iPad looks like - a little disappointed indeed!  I am not sure which looks LESS appealing - the inside of the iPad

OR the view from the outside of my window yesterday! - UGH!!!

Happy Monday to you,
Mrs. I:)

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