Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kindergarteners LOVING QR Codes:)!!!

  Kindergartners have been SCANNING SCANNING SCANNING:)!!!  Mrs. Willers has created some REALLY great iPad homework assignments where the Kindergartners need to use their QR scanners to work on high frequency words and vocabulary!  See below:

  How great is that?  Students get to do a "fun" thing by scanning at home with their parents, and then they also get the needed work on words - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT:)!!
   Mrs. Grabow also had the kids create family trees.  After she was done, I took each of them and recorded them talking about their families in the Audioboo app.  I uploaded them and then made a QR code to go with it - check out these:)
   Mrs. Grabow is then going to glue the QR codes on the bottom corner of each family tree so students and parents can then look at the picture of the family trees as the student is talking about his/her own family tree - ONE OF MY FAVORITES:)!!!

Excellent ideas - our teachers KEEP AMAZING ME:)!!
Happy Tuesday,
Mrs. I:)

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