Thursday, April 25, 2013

Projecting the iPads

  When we got our iPads last spring, the obvious question became "How are we going to project them onto our Smartboards?"  The iPad 2s and newer all have the AirPlay option that allows you to project them.  All our classrooms have a Smartboard and projector in them, and every teacher in our district was also given a Macbook Pro - so it seemed natural to go with a wireless projection of some sort.  We had talked about Apple TVs, and I DO have one at home and LOVE IT:)!!!  However, at $99 a pop, we didn't know that was the route we wanted to take since we had just spent so much money.  Also, with the Apple TV, you can't protect it - so literally kids can project their iPads from another room and it just seemed to be too much work since our projectors are NOT HDMI, so we would need the additional VGA to HDMI cord - or another $20 - Apple TV was out for us!  Next we talked about an app for the Macbook called Reflector which does the same thing.  It's $12.99 for a single user or $54.99 for 5 users.  Works VERY well and that was a thought of ours.  Then Ryan Cox told us about Air Server.  It's $3.99 each or $14.99 for 5 so that is the route WE chose to go.  At first we had some problems because of our Internet issues - but the teachers that use it really do LOVE it;)!   The ease is GREAT, and as long as your Macbook and iPad are on the same network - you can project ANY iPad you would want to:)!!

Here are some additional articles and information regarding ways to project the iPads:

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