Thursday, April 18, 2013

iPads in Minnesota

    I just wanted to give a couple of links of OTHER school districts that are also using iPads in education!  All of these sites have been schools that I have looked at - found ideas from - or just read about to find ways to do things!
Perham Pubic Schools - Perham has iPads in grades 9-12!  They call their iPad movement Project iEngage!  They have really done a great job of training their staff, and have some amazing people in place spearheading their initiative!  If you go to their site, they have GREAT video samples of how to do various things:)!

Minnetonka Public Schools - Minnetonka is ALWAYS state of the art when it comes to technology!  They implemented iPads two years ago and have them in grades 9-12.  Their 1:1 iPad Initiative is definitely one worth looking at!  They not only have the people in place (who are fantastic), they have the training opportunities and staff development that makes all districts jealous!

Little Falls Public Schools - Little Falls is another great source to go to for finding out information.  With a 1:1 initiative in grades 5-12 they have been through some amazing things!  I can't find their information directly, but you can go to the technology directors' page and get contact information.

Farmington Public Schools - Farmington is another famous school district for initiating a 1:1.  They have iPads at the high school (or maybe 5-12 - not sure here), and they have been a driving force also.  You can see what they have done with iPads here!

That's it for today!  I would REALLY recommend that you keep checking around at other districts regarding iPads!  We didn't do many things the right way, and I would imagine all these districts would say the same thing - but learning together has been amazing!!

Happy Night,
Mrs. I:)

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