Monday, April 8, 2013

End of the Year Procedures....

   We have been having discussions about how to go about rolling the iPads IN for the end of the school year.  I have emailed various districts, and of course, found different ideas at ALL places I emailed.  I think in a nutshell - here is what we will be doing:

1. Collecting ALL elementary iPads - Grades K-5 the Thursday before the last week of school - that way we will be able to get a head start on cleaning them, checking them back in - etc.  Initially we were NOT going to collect cords and wait until the three-year lease is up - but now we ARE going to collect them to try to keep a better track of them and not lose so many in the end.

2. Senior iPads will start to be collected on Monday of the last week of school.  With senior privileges, they actually are done with school that Wednesday, I believe - so this will alleviate the headache of tracking down those that don't turn them in. 

3. Now - the rest of this is a little "shady" but here is my best stab at it - I believe that we will start collecting them based on teacher need - something like starting with the 6th graders and working our way up.  However - I also am a firm believer that if a teacher needs it - why can't they bring their class down to the library when they are done testing, etc.. and turn them in with their class - this area is still to be determined - and discussions are still in place regarding this.

4.  I DO know that ALL iPads will be cleaned - so we have thought about using those seniors that do NOT have senior privileges to help us with that.  The plan is to remove EVERY iPad and wipe is clean - thoroughly clean cases if needed, and then snap them back on - obviously the LONGEST part of the entire process:)!!

5. KEY KEY KEY - be sure to remove ALL PAID APPS before wiping them to retain your licenses!!!  Many teachers have asked the question - do I have to buy the app again - NO NO NO is the answer as you still have licenses for all those paid apps once they are removed.  You might have to buy an additional few here and there because of changing class sizes, but nothing like this year - in fact we have allotted $2000 at each building for apps for next fall!

6. We are going to "rename" each iPad to the name of the student who uses it!  This way when I hook it up to Configurator, I know IMMEDIATELY whose iPad is whose and I won't have to go into the settings to find the particular number to go with apps.  This will especially be helpful when putting apps on for elective classes.

7. I believe we are also going to do SOME sort of training with the parents and students on Schoology.  Not sure if we will be giving students iPads early - this hasn't been decided - but Schoology training is IMPORTANT since we are expecting every teacher to use it - and ONLY it!

8.  I would imagine that we will hook up all iPads before leaving for the summer to remove all paid apps and rename all iPads - they will be stored in Casey's lab as it's air conditioned!  Then when we come back next fall - yea right, like we won't be here before:) - all will be ready to go and we just have to put the new apps on for the following year!

As things develop on this end I will continue to update you!  If you have a GREAT idea or way that YOU plan on rolling your iPads in - would LOVE to hear it!

Happy Monday
Mrs. I:)

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