Thursday, April 18, 2013

Apps for Free today.....

Hi all!  Today I would put three apps into our Configurator:

1. Alphabet Animals i Mix- word game for children - normally $1.99 - free today!  This app will help improve reading and pronunciation skills by mixing and matching parts of characters.  Each part has a syllable attached to it, which can be pronounced by itself or as a whole.  Students can create over 2,000 characters:)

2. 7 Planets - normally $.99 - free today!  This iPhone app has you rolling wooden balls around with your iPhone/iPad to get them into their correct rows.  If one ball is removed, all the balls move in that row and you have to start at square one - a great one for critical thinking skills.

3. Take it Easy - normally $1.99 - free today!  This challenging puzzle game is a knock off the board game by the same name.  You're given random tile pieces that have different colored stripes.  You job it to place the tiles so they form continuous rows of the same color edge to edge.  Tiles that don't match will break the row.  Another great critical thinker!

Happy Thursday -
Mrs. I:)

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