Friday, April 5, 2013

Apps Gone Free.....

   There seemed to be a TON of free ones today that I liked from Apps Gone Free - the ones that I popped into Configurator are these six:

1. iLuv Drawing People HD - normally $2.99 - free today!  This app guides children through the process of drawing people.  Audio instructions included, too!  20 drawings to choose from and the option to save to camera roll!

2. Solar: Weather - normally $1.99 - free today!  The app presents you with two colors on the main screen - the top color is the current weather while the bottom represents the current temperature.  Swipe from the bottom to the top to see the weather changes throughout the day - pretty cool:)!

3. Puppet Workshop - normally $2.99 - free today!  Allow your child's imagination to go wild!!  Kids can choose from 20 different sock puppets or craft their own.  They can also choose backgrounds and put the puppet on display - I can see a TON of uses for this;)

4. Retromatic HD - normally $2.99 - free today!  Craft your own retro-style poster with this photo effects app.  You can import a photo or snap a new one - then grab what's necessary!

5. Composer's Piano - normally $4.99 - free today!  Compose your own music with this digital piano app!  You can also layer sounds together if you wish!!  When you're ready to play - hit record and tap away at the keys:)!

6. DoReMi 1-2-3: For Kids - normally $1.99 - free today!  This app teaches children major scales, scale placement and pitch recognition.  This includes 6 songs , a free play mode and the ability to record the child's tunes!

WOW - That was A LOT for today!  Again - I TOTALLY encourage you to download them and TRY TRY TRY!  Please know that we will NOT be having ALL THESE apps on our iPads next year!!  You still have to find the BEST ones that will help with the content that you are teaching - KEEP THAT IN MIND:)!!

Happy Friday - we have been starting to talk about end of the year procedures, so I will post that as we have a "plan" in place - thoughts have been rolling, though!
Mrs. I:)

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