Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gotta LOVE Mr. Loegering and rocks....

  Mr. Loegering is a retired teacher from Barnesville who is an AVID rock collector.  He travels all over the US and world, literally, collecting and learning about rocks and their various formations.  Since he was and always will be a teacher, he goes into classrooms and shares his knowledge - and in fifth grade here, it's no different.  Mrs. Askegaard had him come into her classroom to share this love of rocks and how they form - BUT - it was the STUDENTS - that taught Mr. Loegering SO much about their iPads.  Here are some pictures of the students working with Mr. Loegering:
  Now here's the BEST part - students were able to IMMEDIATELY go to sites he was talking about online and read the poems he was mentioning with various rocks.  They also went to maps and locations of where he found some of the rocks - without the iPads IN THEIR HANDS this wouldn't have been possible!  Mr. Loegering, who IS a TRUE life long learner - was SO impressed with the students' abilities on the iPads - YAHOO:)! 

We DID do it right in Barnesville - Keep Being AMAZING
Mrs. I:)

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