Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yeah Digital Storybooks:) Today's Apps Gone Free.....

There were a TON of Apps - ALL digital 3D storybooks that I put into Configurator today - all these are normally $4.99 - but FREE today;) -

1. Grimm's Rapunzel is ADORABLE!!  I LOVE IT:)!!  I bought this one a few years ago and think its' SO great!  Not only do you get the story - but all is interactive! 

2. Grimm's Snow White

3. Grimm's Puss and Boots

4. Grimm's Hansel and Gretel

5. Grimm's Red Riding Hood

6. Grimm's Sleeping Beauty

**All six of these have the same theme - story with pop up 3D interactive ideas and activities - so cute!  Perfect for the PreK-2 kids:)**

Happy Tuesday -
Mrs I:)

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