Sunday, April 14, 2013


   There's a GREAT app that we could have used at the BEGINNING of the year called Templates for Pages Pro!  Mr. Krause, a social studies teacher in Barnesville, wanted his students to create a brochure.  We had to go through SO many template patterns online before we found one that KIND OF worked and the process to get it was CRAZY!!!  No more!!  This app has a TON of templates on there from brochures to business letterheads to resumes - a great one!  The only downfall I would say, is you HAVE to have the Pages app, as they work hand in hand;)!! Normally $4.99 - FREE TODAY!  Grab this one up FOR SURE:)!!

Happy SNOW day - ugh!!  I HOPE AND HOPE that we have school,
Mrs. I:)

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