Wednesday, April 10, 2013


   The last month or so we have REALLY had trouble with the free app Type on PDF which is now a $4.99 paid app - for OBVIOUS reasons!!!  SO many kids have been coming to me saying that it doesn't work - it's glitchy - works sometimes - deletes my stuff - UGH UGH UGH!!!  I FEEL SO BAD when I have to tell the kids that I can remove it and put it back on - but it MIGHT work or MIGHT NOT - and they lose everything!!  UGH UGH UGH!!  Obviously case in point - most apps are free because they "LACK" something - TRUE TRUE TRUE in this case!!!  
     I keep reminding myself that we only have to get through ONE MORE MONTH with it:)!  Then we can ALL have Notability - AMAZING, FANTASTIC, LOVE LOVE IT:)!!  You're TOO smart - Mr. Nathan Strand - he put in for it for HIS classes - and they have had NO problems all year - I should have paid more attention to that - WAY TO GO Mr. Strand!!!:)   The only bummer part - it used to be $.99 and with volume purchasing only $.49 - now they bumped the price to $1.99 - still only $.99 but obviously cheaper before!

TYPE ON PDF NO NO NO - NOTABILITY YES YES YES!!!  Spend the money on this one - you'll be sorry if you don't - sigh!!

Happy mid-week to you,
Mrs. I:)

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