Monday, April 22, 2013

Apple Frustrations!!!

Now - I KNOW that I am NOT the only person that has had a hard time dealing with Apple once in a while.  But this has got me going - UGH!!!  A couple of weeks ago a few students came down to get an app called Notion for band.  I went to Configurator - and although it SHOWS that I have 14 licenses there, when I hook up the iPads - it says "App Not Authorized" with the yellow triangle of death!!!:(  I called Apple on this to try and get my 11 codes back as they appear shadowed out in Configurator and had a hard time with them for the FIRST time - actually raising their voice at me!  Well, that's fine - but case in point - ever since doing the update with Configurator things like this have been going on and I proceeded to tell the drab story AGAIN of losing apps, etc.  They continued to really NOT believe me so I told him to take over the screen so I could SHOW him what was going on!  He FINALLY believed me - and in fact - I told him that configurator also GAVE us apps that we shouldn't have - like not one or two -50-60 in some cases once I reimported spreadsheets like their recommend - WOW!  Long story - yes - BUT here's the kicker - they want ME to just wipe Apple Configurator all together - they will reimburse us for ALL the money spent - and they want me to start over - NO WAY APPLE!!!  Mind you we have spent over $18,000 in apps - and if they think I am going to put ALL those back in wrong!!!  So now they want me to print off the sheet in volume purchasing where you buy your apps and cross check everything with them.  Only problem - I can't get the entire page to ever load - UGH!!  So I say - heck with it for now - I have better things to do - this can take place another day when I want to tackle it - UGH!!  He also mentioned that technically the developer of apps don't mean for us to (schools) to put the Apps Gone Free apps in configurator  - I told him then developers shouldn't put them in there for free ever then!!

The Battle Continues - at least no snow:)
Mrs. I:)


  1. hi!

    sorry to hear about your troubles. i also have to disagree with apples opinion on developers intentions. not only did i not mind educational instituions getting my app (soundythingie) during the days i offered it for free, i would actualy love to be able to just give it out for free or at a very very low price to educational institutions all the time.
    all i can do at the moment is enable a setting called "Discount for Educational Institutions", and i'm not even sure what that does.

    best, hansi.

  2. We TOTALLY got this one and our music teacher at the elementary school is PUMPED to use it - THANK YOU:)!! I appreciate the response - as we ONLY promote your app to other schools and I TOTALLY blog about it which gives you MORE exposure and hopefully MORE business:)!!! Take care and keep being great:)!! We appreciate you developing these and the kids are the ones that will benefit most - which is AWESOME!
    Best regards,
    Mrs. I:)