Friday, April 19, 2013


  Well, we met today with the lady out in New York for a webinar on the basics of Schoology - going to be SUPER great:)!!  She went over the roles of everyone, what needs to take place before next week when we have training, and many other things that made my head hurt.  It REALLY is going to be WONDERFUL for the students and parents to go to one place for everything, and it will be great for all involved!  The first year I would imagine will be our "learning curve" year, but once everyone has everything set up, then year two and on will be EASY EASY!!!
   I am going to be starting the set up process- deleted duplicates today, figured out the rest of the emails, and am going to start emailing pictures to teachers for the profiles in their accounts!  By next week all will be a go and the teachers will be working within their OWN accounts - YAHOO:)!!

Happy weekend to everyone,
Mrs. I:)

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