Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Accelerated Math LIVE - YAHOO:)!!!

   Renaissance Learning has announced new to the 2013-14 school year Accelerated Math LIVE!!  WE are SO excited here at the elementary level - we can hardly contain ourselves:)!!! 
     If you are NOT familiar with what Accelerated Math is, it works in the same way that Accelerated Reader does as students take math practices, exercises and tests targeted at their grade level; which they take a STAR Math test to determine this.  The way that is currently is set up, students get an assignment to work on - then they bubble a scan card.  When they are finished, they run their card through a scanner that automatically scores it and prints a TOPS report.  It shows how the students did, which problems they got wrong, and then it spits out another assignment for them to work on based on how they did.  It really is GREAT:!)!!  We used it DAILY when I was in fifth grade, and I know they still do.  For those students that are higher ability, you can assign libraries appropriate for them; same if they are working at a lower ability. 
    Accelerated Math LIVE, however, will allow us all these same GREAT, AMAZING and TRULY FANTASTIC options on the iPads:)!!  This version is an online version - NO MORE PAPER, NO MORE SCANNING, NO MORE FRUSTRATIONS - YAHOO:)!!! The part that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is that students will now be getting the PRACTICE doing math this way.  Therefore, when the Math MCA tests come rolling around, they would have been exposed SO MUCH to testing on a device that it will really be SO much easier for them!
     Also, now I am ALMOST certain on this, I will change if I find something else out - when you renew your license each year for Renaissance Learning, you will have the option to keep going with the paper version, or switch to it online - a no brainer for us!

Happy Wednesday,
Mrs. I:)

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