Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apps Today - FREE:)!

Here are the ones I felt "worthy" today:)  Again - all these apps are PURELY guesses on my part as I have merely downloaded them today and will play later:)

1. The Purple Frog is an interactive children's book that tells the story of a purple frog who is looking for acceptance from his peers.  $3.99 normally - FREE TODAY:)!

2. Ed Meets the Dentist allows you to travel to the dentist with Ed to go through the process of a dentist visit.  It also will follow the fears that children fear.  $1.99 normally - FREE TODAY:)

3. JetScanner: Camera to PDF seems like a really great app for teachers!!!  This app allows you to take a picture or anything and turn it into a PDF file!  No more running to the copier anymore - snap a picture and email it yourself:)!! $3.99 normally - FREE TODAY:)!

Those would be my selections today - Have a great night,
Mrs. I:)

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